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Build up to Brazil

After returning from Tronador I began my research for Brazil. Fortunately it rained all day in Bariloche so I didn’t regret staying in. Though the cheapest flight I could find was only a week long, it seemed like I could squeeze in a trip to Bonito (but save the Pantanal for another time during the dry season) and a couple of days at the Iguazu Falls. With the help of the internet and a fellow from Pantanal Expeditions, I was able to learn much about the logistics for Bonito including available tours, accommodation, and transportation. I had read about the cost of a visa for US citizens but it seemed like a minor inconvenience at the time.


Crossing the Andes back to Argentina

About an hour after we were told that they had no cars available at the Puerto Montt airport, despite my reservation, I was over the initial frustration. This wasn’t completely unexpected for me, as I’ve read many stories of this happening at other small places. Regardless it meant we couldn’t go to Cochamó and had to find a backup plan. Puerto Montt wasn’t very appealing to us so we decided to give Puerto Varas a try.

It didn’t take long for us to realize we made the right choice of leaving Puerto Montt. Though touristy, PV definitely is more attractive and kind of reminded me of Jackson, WY with a beach with the picturesque Volcán Osorno as a backdrop. We walked into the Casa Azul and made reservations for 3 nights and set out to figure out what we would do for the next 3 days.

I really wanted to climb Osorno with Ange and a guide because I figured it would give both of us good exposure to volcano climbing with less risk. Not to mention apparently guides are required now after two Frenchmen died in crevasse last month (still need to verify this story). Unfortunately we discovered once again that prices have skyrocketed since my guidebook was published. All of the companies wanted at least USD$360 per person, which was almost double the USD$200 my guidebook reported. Next option was seakayaking which was still expensive but 1/3 the price so we booked it.