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Lagunas Altas Trek

Overview of the Lagunas Altas trek.

To be a national park, there must be trails for visitors to enjoy. The first official trail of the future Patagonia National Park is the Lagunas Altas trek. It’s a spectacular walk and is definitely unknown at this point. I don’t know where else I would be able to hike for 3 days on such a beautiful trail and not see a single human. At least one writer for the International Business Times put this hike in his top 5 of Patagonia, and also acknowledges that its a hidden gem.



Looking out from the Alhambra to the Sierra Nevadas, towering over Granada.

I could tell you that we went to Spain because it has always been my dream to travel to Spain, because I was fascinated with the culture, food and los toros y los matadores, etc. But that wouldn’t be true. It was as simple as this: Chad saw flights for only $280 roundtrip from NYC.

While its true that I had always been interested in Spain, the only matter of convincing Angela and I needed was the price of the flight. We would go in early April, before high tourist season and right when all of the flowers were blooming. The timing was perfect. Perhaps the Mediterranean was still a bit too cold to swim, but I’ve been to Lake Erie a bunch and figured I wasn’t missing much, right?


Pacific Northwest

The Oregon coast as seen from Ecola State Park.

It seemed that when all of a sudden our travels starting taking us west, we always ended up in desert climates. Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Zion, Bryce, and all of the sites in between. Deserts are awesome, but I always felt like I was only seeing a portion of what the west had to offer.

Portland was high on my list of places to visit after hearing about the biking culture, the outdoorsy population, the Cascades, Columbia River Gorge, and Smith Rock. Ange had a buy one get one $99 companion ticket to use, so it seemed logical that the way to get the most bang for the buck was to travel as far as possible in the continental U.S. (to a place we wanted to visit, that is).

Most of our reading indicated that the best time to visit the PNW was the summer. However, we were eager to have a trip before then, and we had to use the BOGO$99 ticket before it expired. We decided to go in March.


New Zealand

New Zealand landed the top 2 spots in Trip Advisor’s 2008 Travelers’ Choice Destinations list. The #1 spot was taken by Milford Sound in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand.

My home country is a beautiful place. The Pacific Northwest has rain forests, glaciers and volcanoes. Arizona has deserts and the Grand Canyon. Florida has beautiful beaches. The northeast has endless expanses of deciduous forests and rolling green hills. So what could New Zealand have that the United States doesn’t? Consider this: It took 4 separate vacations and a dozen flights over the period of 2 years to visit these 4 corners. I saw the same and more in 2.5 weeks in New Zealand with just a camper van.