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Gauley Season!

Usually the best season to raft/kayak is in the spring when the snowmelt is bringing fresh water down to the rivers. The Gauley River is a special exception. Each year before winter the Army Corps of Engineers drain Summersville Lake into the Gauley, bringing consistently high water levels and thousands of whitewater enthusiasts to the area. Over the period of 30 years, it went from being considered an “impossible” stretch of whitewater to one of the most popular day trips in the country.

There were several ECPers in the campsite next to us, so we joined them on Sunday for a day of climbing.



Looking out from the Alhambra to the Sierra Nevadas, towering over Granada.

I could tell you that we went to Spain because it has always been my dream to travel to Spain, because I was fascinated with the culture, food and los toros y los matadores, etc. But that wouldn’t be true. It was as simple as this: Chad saw flights for only $280 roundtrip from NYC.

While its true that I had always been interested in Spain, the only matter of convincing Angela and I needed was the price of the flight. We would go in early April, before high tourist season and right when all of the flowers were blooming. The timing was perfect. Perhaps the Mediterranean was still a bit too cold to swim, but I’ve been to Lake Erie a bunch and figured I wasn’t missing much, right?