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Patagonia Packing List

For those of you who were wondering, I’ve compiled a basic list of what I’m packing to bring to South America. Complicating the packing list is the fact that I want to do some snow/ice climbing and spend the majority of my time away from major cities. I am unable to fit climbing gear but I have some of the basic necessities, so that I only have to rent a few things while I’m down there (for example: ice axe, crampons, plastic boots).


“Early adopter”

I’ve always considered myself an early adopter of all things high-tech. I’m usually pretty close to the front lines in any new technology coming out whether it be computers, cameras, cell phones, programming languages, GPS devices, etc. This, however, hasn’t been true for social media. I just got Facebook a few months ago. And now I’m starting a blog. Yikes.

Facebook hasn’t been too bad. While I definitely have experienced a lot of the awkwardness (sorry Mom, I lock down my Wall tightly more for your safety than my own), already it has helped me stay in touch with people better. To be honest, I’m a little more excited about starting a blog. I’m not much of a writer, and I’m not striving to have everyone clicking refresh over and over to get new updates. I just wanted a central location to do trip reports, basically.

Trip reports are an essential item to any adventure, I’ve just been too lazy to actually write them. I always thought memories were enough, but that is definitely not the case. As more time passes from some memorable trips, the more I forget about them. Ange always has written in her journal on our travels, and the rare opportunities I get to read about our prior trips are great. Memories that were buried but not forgotten surface and it always makes me wish I did a better job at recording these.

With two exciting trips coming up (Tetons and Patagonia), I figured now is the time to start my blog. If the site is already set up and begging to be fed with trip reports, then I might be more willing to sit down and write one. And who knows, maybe I will travel back in time and write up reports of some trips already past before the memories get buried too deeply.